AssurTech: Otherwise signs with Maif to create a collaborative auto insurance offer

by bold-lichterman

Otherwise, the collaborative complementary health platform, is extending its model to the automotive sector. The start-up, which raised 1.6 million euros in March, convinced the Maif, a historical player in insurance, to join it in the community adventure. The goal, after signing a similar partnership with the insurer Thelem for mutual health insurance, is to diversify its offers while digitizing the role of the broker.

Accelerate to Agoranov, Otherwise bases insurance costs and the deductible on a community of users who share the same interests. “50% of the premium excluding tax is used to constitute the pot”, explains Cécile Mérine, formerly of the private bank Swiss Life who co-founded the company with Raphaël Berger, former strategy director at Areva.

On this community model, the start-up finds itself facing offers from Inspeer or We Cover.

Creation date : 2015

Seat : Val de Fontenay (94)

Founders : Cécile Mérine, Raphaël Berger

Workforce : 10

Fundraising : 1.6 million euros in March 2017 (360 Capital Partners, Bpifrance, private)