AssoConnect, the solution to manage associations, accelerates with XAnge and ISAI

by bold-lichterman

The online management platform for associations raises 7 million euros with ISAI, historical investor, XAnge and several business angels. The objective of this amount is to enable AssoConnect to double its workforce to reach 80 people in 2020, invest 4 million euros in research & development, accelerate its presence in France and above all get started in the United States, a market with great potential.

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AssoConnect offers associations an online tool specific to their daily issues (CRM, accounting, collection of payments, website creation) and supports them through weekly training and a collaborative support platform. Founded in 2014 by Arnaud de La Taille, Pierre Grateau and Sylvain Fabre, the company today touches 10,000 associations and employs 40 people. In 2017, the company completed a first round of funding of 2 million euros with ISAI in order to accelerate on the French-speaking market.

AssoConnect operates within a rapidly expanding French association market which includes 1,500,000 associations active in France for a cumulative budget equivalent to 3.3% of French GDP. The associations alone employ 1,850,000 full or part-time employees.

AssoConnect: the key data

Founders: Arnaud de La Taille, Pierre Grateau and Sylvain Fabre
Creation: 2014
Seat: Paris
Sector: associative
Activity: management platform for associations

Funding: 2 million euros in 2017 with ISAI

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