Artificial intelligence: Uber opens laboratory in Toronto

by bold-lichterman

Uber announced Thursday an investment “of more” of 200 million Canadian dollars (132 million euros) over five years in Canada to establish in Toronto a laboratory dedicated to its popular application for booking a car with driver.

Highlighting Canada’s strengths “din the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer engineering“, Uber explained that it wanted to open in early 2019” a new engineering center “In the Canadian metropolis, which will devote itself to” construction, operation and continuous updating of the infrastructure and the electronic management system Of its products.

Eighth laboratory outside the United States

Uber notably wants this laboratory, its eighth outside the United States, to help ” faster deployment of new features Of its application, such as Jump electric bikes and electric scooters, he said in a statement. ” Hundreds of new jobs Will thus be created in the coming years in Canada, assured the American company.

This investment should also serve to enlarge the ‘cbetween international automated driving ATG “That Uber opened in Toronto in May 2017 and which has already enabled”add new features to Uber’s self-driving car fleet“, Thanks in particular to artificial intelligence. Canada has attracted in recent months many foreign investments in the field of AI, including Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Thales, due to the large pool of researchers revolving around the universities of Toronto and Montreal.