Artificial intelligence: SmartMeUp raises 2 million euros to read your face

by bold-lichterman

The amount

The Grenoble start-up SmartMeUp, specializing in facial recognition, has just raised 2 million euros from Xavier Niel, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Jean-David Blanc, the founder of Allociné and co-founder of

The concept

Founded in 2012, SmartMeUp has developed facial recognition technology that can be embedded in multiple devices such as a camera, smartphone or even a car. This notably integrates an artificial intelligence solution to analyze faces. “Thanks to Smart Me Up, objects will be able in particular to characterize humans (gender, age, attributes, metrics, etc.), analyze their behavior (emotion, fatigue, attention), identify them in real time, or collect information in view of a future valuation ”, assures the company.

The company targets in particular the automotive sectors to detect the drowsiness of a driver for example or that of surveillance in public places. She is also interested in the connected homes market.

The objectives of the Start-up

“This fundraising from prestigious businesses and solid institutional players will enable us to deploy our solution on a massive scale in the years to come. Together, we will strive to develop an ambitious commercial strategy in France and internationally, while continuing to invest in our technologies, ”said Loic Lecerf, CEO of SmartMeUp.

CEO: Loic Lecerf

Creation: 2012

The head office : Grenoble

Activity: facial recognition technology

Funding: € 2 million raised in March 2016

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos