Artificial intelligence: from dystopian fantasy to reality on the ground

by bold-lichterman

For several years now, artificial intelligence has been the number one technological fantasy in the collective imagination. With a lot of headlines and promises of technological singularity, not a week goes by without a new supposed exploit of an “AI” that has become better than humans, not a day without a revolutionary robot video.

However, the reality on the ground and in science is very different. Behind a few very well coated examples, knowingly by a marketing department, by ignorance of the subject or to race for the click, serious popularization is struggling to make itself heard.

When we talk about facial recognition and predictive justice, it is essential that citizens be able to understand the issues, and we are still very far from it. To talk about it and try to find solutions, meet with Benoît Georges, economic journalist specializing in technological subjects, but also Clément Delangue, co-founder of the startup Hugging Face, and Simon Mueller of The Future Society.


The contributor:

Artificial intelligence from dystopian fantasy to reality on the groundThomas gouritin supports SMEs and large accounts in their transformations, with digital support. Producer of the Regards Connected series (Youtube channel and podcasts), he explores our technological future to popularize complex subjects such as artificial intelligence and convey messages of pragmatism to be applied in business. The subject of chatbots is essential today, Thomas approaches it in a pragmatic way with, in addition to project support, conferences aimed at demystifying the subject without “bullshit” and with workshops allowing everyone to get their hands dirty. design to understand, learn, and do.