Are French companies at the forefront of digital quality control?

by bold-lichterman

For 53% of French companies, the development phases of digital products are “too fast”, and the quality “is not always there” according to the Barometer of digital quality in business (in full here) realized by StarDust, a company specializing in the testing and validation of digital solutions, and published in early 2016. This figure drops to 42% if we consider Anglo-Saxon companies.

We also learn that 67% of professionals say they are well equipped to design digital products, and 61% of them have implemented a “Quality process” in their last project.

  • 35% of French professionals have implemented a quality process at the start of their project, compared to 52% in Anglo-Saxon countries. They are only 16% to have deployed one at the end of the project (vs. 5% for Anglo-Saxons).

  • 58% of the quality tests carried out in French companies are functional tests, and 52% exploratory tests and multi-OS and multi-device tests. Less than half of the tests carried out concern performance (48%), or security and intrusion (42%).

  • 20% of multi-device quality tests follow the good practice of testing on 15 or more terminals.

  • Finally, 13% of French professionals have already called on a community of independent testers (vs. 26% of Anglo-Saxon professionals).

  • From the user’s point of view, 40% of French consumers no longer use a mobile application due to frequent bugs, and 38% if there is inconsistency between the application and the services offered on the web.

Extract from the infographic – Barometer of digital quality in business (StarDust)

** The study was conducted by StarDust with 500 participants in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States in October 2015, StarDust measures the operational implementation of Quality processes by companies. Almost half of these companies (44%) have less than 50 employees. 28% between 50 and 1,000 and 28% more than 1,000 employees.