AppsGratuites365 becomes FreeApps365 and records great performance

by bold-lichterman

Launched in early July, AppsGratuites365 is an Android Market application offering a free application to its users every day. To celebrate its two months of experience, the application is renamed and becomes FreeApps365. A new name that will allow it to stand out Free App, the similar application offered in the AppStore.

AppsGratuites365 becomes FreeApps365 and records great performanceThe 300,000 applications available in the Android Market are a jungle in which it is quite easy to get lost. With 3.36M Android phones in France, initiatives are therefore multiplying to try to give visibility to the most interesting applications. This is what already does among others Appsfire for Android, which offers to discover many free or low-cost apps and share its tips via Facebook.

With FreeApps365, each mobile user can choose to receive the application of the day by SMS, email or by notification on application. Nearly 82 apps have already been offered since the service was launched. And, in August alone, the application recorded more than 500,000 visits. FreeApps365 has nearly 35,000 users and nearly 1M notifications have already been sent. Many applications, such as Scanbucks, were therefore able to benefit from this launching pad.

FreeApps365 is a French start-up founded by 2 mobile web enthusiasts, Jonathan Benoudiz and Laurent Kretz.