AppScho wants to digitize the life of students and their institution

by bold-lichterman

France has 1.5 million students enrolled at the University, according to the Ministry of National Education. A figure to which are added the students of private schools. It is precisely all these students thatAppScho wish to target. Founded in September 2014 by Victor Wacrenier and Antoine Popineau, this Parisian start-up has developed an application, marketed as a white label to establishments, which aggregates all the essential information: timetable, notification in the event of cancellation of a course , examination results, establishment events …

Concretely, “we retrieve the academic content to centralize them, and add a graphic layer», Explains to Frenchweb Victor Wacrenier, co-founder and CEO of the company. Regarding data security, “AppScho connects to the school infrastructure, and does not deploy a database. We do not store anything, the information only passes through the application in an encrypted format», He specifies.

Marketed as an annual subscription, prices vary from 40 cents to 1 euro depending on the number of student users. And if the company is currently targeting higher education establishments, a demo has already been presented to the mayor of Paris for secondary education. By the start of the September 2015 school year, AppScho estimates that a dozen establishments should use its application, for a total of 24,000 users. More details with Victor Wacrenier, co-founder and CEO of AppScho.

Founders: Victor Wacrenier and Antoine Popineau

Creation: september 2014

Market : app for educational institutions