Appoke launches new app promotion service

by bold-lichterman

Appoke, the alternative and social platform for Android applications, has just launched a new application promotion service.

Appoke launches new app promotion serviceIndeed, 18 months after its launch, the start-up has identified two new complementary needs. On the one hand, most smartphone users prioritize free apps. On the other hand, many publishers “with an indirect business model” seek to massively distribute their applications, which are also often free.

Based on this observation, Appoke has set up a new tool based on a system of credits rewarding certain actions for promoting sponsored applications. The credits are then used to purchase paid apps, making them more accessible.

Concretely, when the user installs an application, he is offered to share it on Appoke, Facebook and Twitter to earn a certain number of credits during each sharing. This one also has the possibility of earning credits by inviting friends to Appoke.

Publishers wishing to set up a campaign on Appoke must for their part contact the start-up and define a cost per installation. The number of credits allocated to users is then calculated in proportion to the chosen CPI. Finally, developers of paid applications wishing to increase their sales can upload their service to Appoke via a link. It is up to them, afterwards, to choose a sale price which will be automatically converted into credits.

Almost a year ago, FrenchWeb met Hadrien Gremillet, Co-founder and Director ofAppoke: