[Applications] What’s new from PriceMinister and Pixmania for Christmas

by bold-lichterman

As the end of year holidays approach, Priceminister and Pixmania are launching new devices. On the menu: a mobile application and a Facebook application. The details.

Applications Whats new from PriceMinister and Pixmania for ChristmasThe Pixmania e-commerce platform, Prodcast, product review sharing site and LikeShop, recently launched a new Facebook application. Baptized GiftMania, she can find the perfect gift for her friends based on what they like on Facebook. All you have to do is go to the “Find a gift for a friend” tab and select this friend from their Facebook list to get a suggestion of personalized products related to their interests. Then, the user can buy the gift on Pixmania, or suggest this product to his friend or add it to his own gift list and share it with his friends.

PriceMinister has just announced the launch of its first mobile application for private sellers. Available on iPhone and Android, Scan-Sell allows you to quickly and easily sell a product on PriceMinister. All you have to do is scan the item’s barcode with your phone’s camera and the product sheet is displayed on the screen. It then remains to specify the price and condition of the product. You can also edit your ads, add photos and answer questions from Internet users. Relying on the resales of Christmas gifts, PriceMinister chose precisely this date to launch the application and is aiming for 100,000 downloads by mid-January 2012.