[Applications] Trips, wines and recommendations!

by bold-lichterman

Manage your wine cellar from your mobile, create a 2.0 travel diary, receive a selection of applications depending on where you are … Back to three new (or recent) applications.

Applications Trips wines and recommendations

Automatically record your route, create places, associate photos with them, add comments … The application MobilyTrip offers users to create a sort of travel diary, version 2.0. The recently launched service makes it possible to describe his travels live on his mobile and share them with his relatives. The Mobilytrip application also allows you to consult your photos shortly after your stay and place them in their context thanks to the various comments posted previously. Free, the iPhone application can also be used in offline mode.

The young Parisian start-up HoodBrain, has just launched a new application, called Grab for: Geolocalized Relevant Application Broker. The idea is to offer a selection of applications to users depending on where they are. Grab therefore stands out from other recommendation applications by its “geo-relevant” and useful approach. The users themselves are called upon to enrich and develop the content offered. The application is available for free on the Android Market in France, the United States and Canada. An Internet site has also been online since yesterday.

Launched a month ago, the iPhone application Smartcave allows users to manage their wine cellar directly from their mobile. The principle is simple: after downloading the application, users are invited to register all their bottles of wine. Once this operation is completed, they will receive alerts that will allow them to be informed about the state of their wine cellar, but also to know the bottles that can be uncorked. SmartCave offers other features such as tasting advice or bottle recommendations via its online community. The application is available in two versions. One is free, the other is chargeable (€ 3.99) but offers additional services.