[Applications] Toluna, Oh my job !, Just around us … Overview of what’s new

by bold-lichterman

Toluna launch a survey application, Oh my job! exploits the virality of Facebook to optimize job searches, Just around us launches the new geolocated social network, The Weather Channel application claims nearly 4M downloads… A look back at the latest news from four mobile applications and Facebook.

Applications Toluna Oh my job Just around us Overview

Toluna, publisher of online survey solutions, has just launched a new mobile application which allows its 4M members to ask their own questions to the entire community and thus exchange their opinions directly via iPhone or iPad. In addition to creating simple questionnaires, the free application also allows you to insert images and videos.

Each form can then be submitted on the Toluna website or on social media. Thanks to this application, Toluna intends to further expand its community of panelists, which will guarantee its customers greater responsiveness in collecting marketing information.

1606105321 734 Applications Toluna Oh my job Just around us OverviewHas your partner just quit to play tennis? No problem, the new iPhone app Just Around Us should quickly remedy this type of setback. Indeed, it allows users to use their network and geolocation to share their passions and activities with other members of the community. So, application and Just Around Us web and mobile sites allow:

  • View which members located in the same geographic area wish to share the same activity.
  • Share a desire with your contact list via your phone book, or your Just around Us contact list.
  • Publish this wish for activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • And finally access the closest places where it is possible to share this activity.

1606105322 233 Applications Toluna Oh my job Just around us OverviewVery popular, The weather channel application takes stock of its activity and claims, in total, nearly 4M installations. Indeed, finalist of the applications of the year 2011 on the AppStore, the iPhone application of The Weather Channel would have 2M downloads today. Free, The Weather Channel also offers a fully customizable iPad application. This, for its part, has been downloaded nearly 450,000 times. On Android, the application has been installed on more than 1.5M phones and tablets.

Applications Toluna Oh my job Just around us OverviewLaunched 6 months ago, the Facebook application Oh My Job! now claims more than 22,000 users for some 6,000 offers put online. The idea: to use the viral power of Facebook to offer a real tool for recruiting and co-opting for candidates but also recruiters.

The application thus allows applicants to stay in a Facebook environment throughout the application process and to use all of its “social” features. So, after installing the app, users can find an offer, apply, put an ad aside, and even be notified via Facebook’s instant messenger of new opportunities that match them.

According to its founders, all these steps can remain confidential thanks to a total dissociation between the personal profile and the candidate profile of the users. On the business side, Oh my job offers the “Ambassador” program which allows you to publish written or video testimonials.