[Applications mobiles] What do they really do with our personal data?

by bold-lichterman

Identifiers, list of contacts, age, sex, location, phone number… What information is collected when you use Foursquare, Instagram or Angry Birds from your smartphone? Who is this data sold to? Is the app owner the only one to collect them or are they shared with other companies as well? Difficult for mobile users to separate things.

Path, Twitter, Facebook… The controversies continue to swell around the protection of personal data and its uses. Real gold mines, these are generally exploited for marketing and commercial purposes. The explosion in the number of mobile applications therefore only gives relevance to our questions.

Applications mobiles What do they really do with our personal

The What They Know app, developed by the Wall Street Journal and unearthed by Helloblog.fr, offers a clear and synthetic vision of recovered data and their destinations. A total of 101 apps were screened. The key is therefore to know “Who is watching you”?

So, for example, the What They Know application tells us that when you use the Angry Birds application from your smartphone, your username, phone identification, contact list and location are communicated to Google as well as ‘to the Chillingo company. Your geolocation and phone identification are also transmitted to another start-up called Flurry. In summary, only your age, your gender and your phone number seem to stay safe from this juicy market!

Safe ? Not really… Indeed, if Angry bird does not recover this data, Foursquare takes care of it! The famous check-in application thus collects your username, phone number, age and gender, and of course your geolocation, which will also be communicated to Google and Twitter!

In short, the list is still long … We leave you test directly this terribly baffling application!