[Applications] French cinema, Private travel, DealGroop and Yasound

by bold-lichterman

UniFrance launches the application French cinema, Private trip launches its iPad application, Geolocated good plans with DealGroop, Yasound announces new features… Focus on 4 applications.

Applications French cinema Private travel DealGroop and Yasound

UniFrance launches the French cinema application

UniFrance Films yesterday launched the iPhone application called “French cinema”. Free, it is aimed at the general public cinephiles as well as professionals of the cinematographic sector, in France and abroad. In partnership with the French Film, this trilingual application, available in French, English and Spanish, offers users all the news of French cinema in the form of “Push”: shootings, releases, box office, prices, selections and delegations from the biggest international festivals and markets. The app also offers a series of thematic studies and a comprehensive database of films and artists, along with trailers and photo galleries. Finally, the service offers access to the international directory of cinema professionals. An iPad version should see the light of day in 2012.

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Voyage Privé launches its iPad application

Already offering an iPhone application, Voyage Privé has just launched an iPad application. Specially optimized for tablets, the service offers recommendations and creates alerts so that users do not miss the offers that interest them. Free, the application also allows you to manage your purchases, get in direct contact with customer service or even refer friends.

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Good geolocated plans with DealGroop

The group buying site, Dealgroop.com has just launched its iPhone application good geolocated plans. The application therefore offers one or more offers every day in more than 60 cities: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nice, Marseille, Avignon, Toulon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille… The use of notifications for the offers geolocated continuously uses GPS.

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Yasound announces new features

Yasound, has just announced the availability of the new version of its iPhone application. Launched on March 20, the application works as an audio social network. Yasound allows you to create a radio broadcast in real time for free and legally. The user, via Facebook, can follow his listeners live, chat with them and follow other radios. The new version now allows its users to connect in a proprietary way and via Twitter, but also to receive “push” notifications. As part of the presidential election, the start-up is also launching a contest to win an iPad 3.

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