[Applications] AppsFunder crowdfunding platform arrives in France

by bold-lichterman

The Belgian crowdfunding platform AppsFunder, specialized in the development of mobile applications, launched on November 13 a French local version of his service.

Applications AppsFunder crowdfunding platform arrives in France

A new player is therefore entering the crowdfunding market, and must face the competition: Ulule, KissKissBankBank, WiSeed, or Friendsclear.

AppsFunder, managed by a dedicated team made up of 2 managers (Toan Nguyen, CEO France and Jacques Noël, Business Development Manager) and a technical team, aims to help French talents to develop applications in real harmony with the consumer expectations. The latter can indeed participate in the financing of projects that appeal to them, by giving 5, 25, 50 or 100 €, with a return on sales of 40 to 220 €.

“Crowdfunding is starting to become a more meaningful option for corporate finance. Although the web makes it possible to reach a global target, we believe that a local approach to collective financing is the right strategy. The projects are significantly more likely to find funding from a local community of investors, ”explains Toan Nguyen in a press release.

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The main objective of AppsFunder France today is to increase the interest of the general public in the financing of applications, so that they invest in what they really like. Indeed, the main current investors of the site are professionals of the sector.

Pascal De Keyser, Founder of AppsFunder, explains: “User expectations of mobile applications are clearly increasing. Thanks to this fundraising approach, applications not only raise their funding but also get a large number of downloads as soon as they start, improving their chances of making the app store charts ”.

Two weeks after its launch, the platform has 23 projects submitted, 8 of which were successfully funded.

France is the first in a series of launches in Europe. A local version in Great Britain should indeed soon see the light of day. The AppsFunder teams are also currently working on imminent development in Asia, then, in the longer term, in North America.