[Applications] 20 Minutes, EnemyGraph, News Republic, Sport365 … Focus on 4 new features

by bold-lichterman

Applications 20 Minutes EnemyGraph News Republic Sport365 Focus on 420 minutes is investing the Facebook ecosystem with its social reader application, soon enemies on Facebook, News Republic gets a new look while Sport365 offers a new mobile application customizable. Back in detail on these four news.

20 Minutes launches its social reader application on Facebook

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20 minutes has just launched its application “Social reader” on Facebook. Via this application, the media has therefore created a whole “20 Minutes” ecosystem that can be consulted directly on Facebook. The application places particular emphasis on a design all in images and proposes to create its own One, to share and react easily to the news or to configure its uses in private mode for a 100% private navigation and therefore not shared.

Soon enemies on Facebook?

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Developed by the American Dean Terry, EnemyGraph is a new Facebook application that allows you to list your enemies, whether they are people or brands. Dean Terry therefore breaks the codes of the social network which categorically refuses to develop “negative” notions on his platform, by suggesting Internet users to share things they don’t like instead of what they like. As a reminder, a group on Facebook asking for the creation of a “Dislike” button has nearly 3.2M members. Dean Terry expects his application to be deleted as soon as it achieves some success. Launched a few days ago EnemyGraph has already attracted more than a thousand people.

News Republic launches its V2

1606064881 534 Applications 20 Minutes EnemyGraph News Republic Sport365 Focus on 4

The Bordeaux start-up Mobiles Republic launched its News Republic 2.0 application for smartphones yesterday Android and iPhone. The app has a more elegant interface and offers a selection of new developments including photo and video galleries, improved customization options, and a social function that allows users to give their “opinions” on articles. News Republic receives more than 10,000 articles daily, from leading press sources. The application allows users to create their personal news channels, and filters this mass of information for them to keep only those that relate to the subjects that interest them. Mobiles Republic recently completed a fundraising of 2.5M €.

Sport 365: personalized sports information

Media365, which publishes the information sites www.sport365.fr, www.football365.fr, www.mercato365.com, and www.rugby365.fr, will launch tomorrow a sports information application fully configurable by users according to their preferences . Available on iPhone and on the whole android phones, this launch is accompanied by a video, produced by Les Pronostickers. Thanks to the “My pages” feature, the user can define the structure of his application and the subjects that interest him. Thus, the mobile user can, for example, decide to follow all the news of football, or simply of Ligue 1. Results, analyzes, briefs, rumors, matches in direct… The Sport365 application aggregates all the articles produced by the editorial staff of Media365.