[Application] Weddar, participatory weather forecast arrives in France

by bold-lichterman

Launched a few months ago, the weather application Weddar, has just crossed the borders of France. Free, this service stands out among the slew of existing offers.

Application Weddar participatory weather forecast arrives in France

Indeed, based on a logic of crowdsourcing, the application offers each user to indicate the meteorological sensation actually perceived and felt depending on where he is. No more “Paris, 17 ° C, 76% humidity” and welcome to “Montmartre. Great weather. But a little wind ”or“ Latin Quarter. Perfect, great sun ”.

As explained a post from Benoît Raphaël: “Weddar draws on the strength of its community to provide a hyperlocal time map. The result: much more accurate information than any weather service.

The only downside is that it is not possible to know in advance what the weather will be like in one location or another.

Available in French for a week on the App Store, a French version on Android should soon be available.

The creators of the application, in Portugal and not in the United States as we thought – out of habit! – claim 80,000 downloads from 92 countries and 320,000 notifications from 7,500 different locations.