[Application] Twio, new social address book

by bold-lichterman

Twio is a new free personal digital notebook app.

Replacing the traditional business cards that we find, yellowed by time, at the bottom of your wallet, Twio allows you to note in an electronic directory the addresses of restaurants, hotels or simply doctors to which you have sworn to return.

Twio headband

Nothing exceptional therefore, except the possibility of classifying and easily finding said addresses by categories, keywords or price, then to share them with your friends using the application or even the whole community of Twio .

Give your tips or places to avoid, add photographs, like and save in your notebook the best twios then geolocate them… If Twio targets sharing with friends, it also offers the possibilities of a real consumer social network.

Available on iPhone and Android, you can also use it as a simple personal address book since it works without an internet connection.