[Application] ScanBucks, the 2.0 treasure hunt, launches its V2

by bold-lichterman

Scan, play and cash. Here is the concept that offers Scanbucks. Launched in February 2011, mobile application offers a true in-store treasure hunting experience. It is now equipped with a V2.


The free advergaming app allows consumers to be rewarded for shopping. Thus, when they enter a supermarket, a table of hunting products to find is displayed on their smartphone. Each barcode scan of the products to be found allowsearn scanbucks (points), which are then exchanged for real gifts.

Among the brands and brands that are partners of the system, we find: the Franprix and Casino stores, but also Coca-cola, L’Oréal, Unilever, Amazon, Skip and even Séphora to name a few.

The new version now offers:

  • National offers and special store operations relayed in the app.
  • Bonuses to earn as the hunt progresses to maintain the link between the brand and the consumer.
  • A progress bar that shows the user’s progress in the Scanbucks game. Thus, the more we scan, the more we reach levels that offer new functionalities.
  • V2 finally allows you to participate in the Golden Scan. Several times a month, a scan will be drawn and the scanbuckser will immediately receive a jackpot.

Distribeo, publisher of Scanbucks, claims today:

  • 1.6M scans.
  • 3 times more impact on the memorization of the scanned product.
  • 4 times more traffic in a radius under the ScanBucks device.