[Application mobile] When Groland hijacks iOS and Android

by bold-lichterman

The Groland application turns the iPhone into groPhone, the iPad in groPad and Android smartphones in Groïd. Developed by the digital communication agency Supergazol in collaboration with the direction of the new contents of Canal +, it manages to decline with the right dose of humor the universe of the satirical emission of the encrypted channel.

As the Presipacy is a state within the state, the application is an OS in the Apple and Android OS. The environments are diverted there with the prior agreement of the two editors, and we note in passing a greater parody latitude for Android than for Apple. Not really a surprise even if in iOS, the application opens with a pear!

Application mobile When Groland hijacks iOS and Android

Beyond this humorous dimension, the application is very rich in content and diversions, including:

  • Geolocation in the mythical places of Groland with Groglemap
  • The best skits of the show by theme and the live show, every week on GroTube
  • Pictures in Grockr, music videos and the best music in GroTunes
  • The TroncheBook social network
  • Cult Groland characters (Michael Kael, Franki Ki, Moustic) can call anytime for a personalized call

Interview in the setting of Groland with Jules-Edouard Moustic, Jean-François Bouillot (Creative Director and co-founder of Supergazol) and Gilles Freissinier (Direction of new contents of Canal +).