[Application] In search of monetization, Foursquare flirts with companies

by bold-lichterman

After 4 years of existence, Foursquare has just unveiled its second application: Foursquare for Business. Intended, as its name suggests, for businesses, it promises them to generate traffic to their store from an easy-to-use interface, similar to the consumer version.

foursquare for business
This allows companies to discover recent check-ins related to their establishment, view customer loyalty, and monitor analytics data, all from the mobile app.

They can also use Foursquare for Business to post new photos, then share them on Twitter and Facebook. When an update is made by the company, all mobile users who have already checked-in at home or even simply consulted their page will see the news appear automatically in their feed, without being subscribed to it.

Finally, companies will be able to manage their promotions directly from the application, although they are still uploaded from the Internet.

This new application should allow Foursquare to continue its efforts to monetize its service. Last July, the start-up launched its ” promoted updates ”, With the aim of allowing companies to send messages on offers or products available to Foursquare users. Despite this novelty, the service would have recorded only $ 2M in revenue last year.

Foursquare for Business is currently only available to US businesses, on ios and Android.