[Application Android] Meilleurmobile identifies the plan best suited to your consumption

by bold-lichterman

The application Best mobile allows you to view your consumption in real time (voice, sms and data), and compare it instantly with the plans of more than 20 operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Nrj Mobile, etc.). It is even announced the inclusion of Free Mobile tariffs… foreknowledge!

Application Android Meilleurmobile identifies the plan best suited to your

Beyond this major functionality, the application offers:

  • “The consumer alert”. it warns consumers as soon as their calls, SMS or Internet consumption reaches the threshold they have set.
  • “The best mobiles” and “the new mobiles”: two sections to receive alerts on new features.
  • “The community”: The site’s experts answer questions about mobile phones and plans

The app is first available on the Android Market. A strategic choice of the site, linked to the interest noted among its users. An iPhone version is under development.