Apple would have sold 11.6 million Apple Watch in 2015

by bold-lichterman

Apple sold 11.6 million Apple Watch in 2015, according to a study of the IDC firm. At such a level, the firm at the apple is in third place of the most important sellers of “wearables”, behind the manufacturer of connected bracelets Fitbit and the Chinese group Xiaomi (especially known for its smartphones). An important performance since in 2014 Apple was not yet in this ranking.

To ward off the arrival of the Apple Watch on this market, the Fitbit start-up went public in June 2015, raising more than $ 700 million at the time. For its part, Xiaomi opened an online store last year to start marketing its connected bracelets and accessories in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

78.1 million wearables sold in 2015

In the end, over the year as a whole, the manufacturers of “wearables” – which also include Samsung and Garmin – sold 78.1 million units last year, an increase of 171.6% compared to 2014. And in the fourth quarter of the year alone, 27.4 million units were sold, or 126.9% more than a year earlier in the same period.

“The triple-digit growth highlights the growing interest in the wearable market for both end users and sellers,” said Ramon Llamas, research director of the wearable team at IDC. “It shows that wearables aren’t just for techies and techies. early-adopters; wearables can also exist (…) on the mass market ”.