Apple: why is the security chief accused of corruption?

by bold-lichterman

Apple’s chief security officer has been charged with alleged corruption for having, according to justice, offered dozens of iPads (Apple-branded digital tablets) in an attempt to obtain port permits. weapons for employees of the tech giant. Thomas Moyer, head of security for the Californian group, and an insurance broker “Are accused of offering bribes to obtain permits to carry a hidden firearm (CCW)”, a statement from the Santa Clara County District Attorney in Silicon Valley said Monday. An under-sheriff, Rick Sung, and a captain, James Jensen, were also indicted for asking for the bribes, the prosecutor’s office said.

$ 70,000 in iPads

The investigation, which lasted two years and focused on various acts of alleged corruption, found that the two men refused to issue the permits “As long as the applicants have not given something of value in exchange”. Thomas Moyer had finally promised to give 200 iPads – the equivalent of nearly $ 70,000 – against 4 permits, before “To withdraw hastily” his offer ” at the last moment “, in August 2019, when he learned that the prosecutor had ordered a search of the sheriff’s office, the statement said. Apple’s chief global security officer “Is innocent”, retorted his lawyer Ed Swanson in a written statement. “He didn’t do anything wrong and behaved with the utmost integrity throughout his career. We have no doubt that he will be acquitted during the trial ”. “Apple did offer iPads. And Apple did apply for CCW licenses. But these two things are not related ”, he explained to AFP.

According to the lawyer, this case is above all “A long public argument between the sheriff and the Santa Clara County district attorney, and Tom is part of the collateral damage”. He argues that Mr. Moyer is a veteran of the US Navy and a “Respected lawyer”, employed by Apple for 14 years. ” He does not deserve to have his reputation tarnished by these baseless accusations ”. “The defendants will appear on January 11, 2021 in court in San Jose. If they are convicted, the defendants may receive prison sentences ” firm, specifies the statement of the prosecutor. Apple did not immediately respond to an AFP solicitation.