[Apple vs Google] YouTube launches its own iPhone app

by bold-lichterman

Youtube has just launched its own iPhone application. This announcement comes as Apple must lift the veil tomorrow on his latest iPhone. This one will not embark natively the Youtube application on its new iOS. Illustration of a war between the two American giants on all fronts.

Apple vs Google YouTube launches its own iPhone app

Google announced this morning the availability of its new YouTube application on the App Store. Objective of this launch: to monetize its video services on iPhones. Indeed, since the marketing of the first iPhone, the application was developed by the Apple brand and pre-registered on all Apple devices. A system that therefore did not allow Google to generate profits through advertising. This is now the case and ads now pre-roll at the top of videos.

In return, and this is the good news, the application offers more content, indicates Techcrunch. Mobile users should, for example, be able to access tens of thousands of music videos via Vevo, previously unavailable on the old version. Also on the menu is a better browsing experience, an optimized search engine and new sharing modes.

In addition to the monetization of its service on iPhone, Google seeks, above all, to face multiple attacks from Apple, the objective of which is to eliminate any native application of its competitor on its devices.

The Google Maps application available in the iPhone will certainly also experience the same fate as Youtube and be deleted from Google’s new operating system: iOS 6. Tomorrow, at its conference, Apple should therefore present a brand new integrated mapping and geolocation function.

In the end, the only trace that the Mountain View firm could keep on Apple devices would therefore be its search engine, available by default in the Safari browser.

At the moment T, the application is not yet downloadable from the French App Store but should be during the day.