Apple: turnover up, net income down.

by bold-lichterman

Apple’s results are for financial analysts what Jobs’ keynotes were for fans of the Cupertino company!

The figures for the last quarter are good on the sales side, with an increase of 9.2% to reach 171 billion dollars, above expectations. It is on the profitability side that Apple suffers the most with an 11.2% drop in its net income to $ 37 billion. It must be recognized that it is very difficult for Apple to maintain a 40% margin and that this drop should be put into perspective. The fact that this is the 1st in 11 years has been blamed by many media.

Note that Tim Cook is counting on China to develop its future sales, which weigh for 5.7 billion dollars this quarter (15.3%), up 24% from the previous quarter. The agreement with China Telecom will prove to be decisive for distributing the iPhone. Still, Apple intends to accelerate the creation of the Apple Store.