Apple ready to buy Intel’s smartphone chips for $ 1 billion

by bold-lichterman

Apple is in the process of negotiating to buy out the smartphone chip business from compatriot Intel for around $ 1 billion, reported on Monday. Wall Street Journal.

If confirmed, an agreement on the acquisition of the portfolio of patents and employees linked to this division could be concluded next week, specifies the economic daily. Intel, a giant in micro-processors, had already announced in April that it wanted to withdraw from the 5G chip market, the ultra-fast mobile internet being deployed, for smartphones.

This decision was formalized a few hours after its competitor Qualcomm reached an amicable agreement with Apple after two years of legal battle. This operation would allow Apple to accelerate the development of its own chips for its iPhones. For Intel, it would be a question of offloading an activity which, according to a source of the Wall Street Journal, would cost him $ 1 billion a year. Intel, on the other hand, plans to continue developing 5G chips, but not for smartphones.