Apple + Qualcomm + Urban Linker = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

MacBookTwo days after announcing declining annual sales for the first time since 2001, Apple introduced the models of its MacBook Pro laptops. The Apple brand notably formalized the launch of a MacBook Pro Retina revised in depth. The main innovation lies in the appearance of a touch bar, called “Touch Bar” on the keyboard, which replaces the function keys (Esc, F1, F2, F3, etc.) on traditional keyboards. Its use may vary from one application to another. Thus, navigation buttons or the list of favorites appear when the user opens Safari before disappearing to make room for a list of emojis when the Messages application is opened.

For its new laptop, Apple has also taken over functions available on iPhone, such as “Touch ID”, the fingerprint recognition system. When the computer is shared among several people, this feature immediately recognizes the user who is using the MacBook to switch to their personalized profile. This device will also be compatible with Apple Pay, the mobile payment system developed by the Cupertino company.

With an improved screen and sound, this new MacBook will be accessible from € 1,999 in a 13-inch version. To obtain a model equipped with a 15-inch screen, it will cost 2,699 euros. With this new MacBook, Apple hopes to boost Mac sales. In the fourth quarter, they fell 14% to 4.9 million units sold.

Read also: The mobile chip giant Qualcomm completed the acquisition of Dutch NXP, which operates in the mobile industry and the Internet of Things. The deal is worth $ 47 billion. This is the 21st acquisition in the microprocessor sector since the start of the year. The operation will be financed with the group’s available cash and borrowings from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.

With this acquisition, Qualcomm plans to consolidate its position in this market. The American group must notably face competition from Samsung and Intel, which had acquired Altera, a specialist in programmable chips for data centers, for 16.7 billion dollars in the summer of 2015. Last year, Qualcomm has generated net income of $ 5.2 billion, compared to $ 1.5 billion for NXP. After finalizing the takeover of its competitor, Qualcomm will aim for an annual turnover of 30 billion dollars.

Particularly popular with companies, mobile developers are among the highest paid profiles, if we are to believe the results of the2016 Tech jobs salary study produced by Urban Linker. In Ile-de-France, an experienced Android developer can indeed claim a gross annual remuneration of between 70,000 and 85,000 euros, against a remuneration greater than 65,000 euros per year for an iOS developer. By comparison, an experienced DevOps can expect to earn between $ 55,000 and $ 70,000 per year, and an experienced front-end developer a little over $ 65,000 per year.

Junior profiles are also among the best paid profiles in the panel studied, with gross annual salaries ranging from 36,000 to 45,000 euros. Again, Android developers are paid slightly better than their iOS counterparts. Only Ruby junior developers are better paid than mobile developers, with a minimum salary exceeding 38,000 euros per year.


On the occasion of the Paris Games Week, which opened its doors on October 27, the digital communication agency Vanksen installed a TweetWall that is over 12 meters long. The latter broadcasts live information shared by gaming enthusiasts and identified with the hashtag #PGW. Something to delight the 427,000 followers of the official Paris Games Week account.


Remy Martin-The group Remy Cointreau entrusted to Fred & Farid the communication management of its Rémy Martin brand, dedicated to the sale of Rémy Cointreau products internationally.

The agency’s mission will be to develop and activate the brand’s new campaigns around the world, using the “One Life / Live Them” brand platform. This is the group’s second brand to be entrusted to the Parisian agency, after the Louis XIII brand of cognac.

Steve Lucas_MarketoSteve lucas arrives at the head of Marketo. He succeeds Phil Fernandez who had been at the head of the company for 10 years. Steve Lucas previously worked as President, Enterprise Platform & Analytics at SAP.

Witbe is looking for its Key Account Manager International (M / F)

Integrated within the Sales team of the Americas zones and reporting to the Sales Director, after having been trained on Witbe tools, you will take responsibility for 3 to 5 major customer accounts in order to develop trade relations. In particular, you will provide them with a complete vision of our products and services.


  • Build lasting professional relationships with key personnel in affected customer accounts.

  • Be the guarantor of the results on your accounts: turnover, margins and key objectives.

  • Jointly build common performance goals, financial goals, and milestones with accounts receivable for a period of one to three years.

  • Evaluate, clarify, and validate customer needs on a shared basis (CRM).

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.Apply!


[STAGE] FrenchWeb is looking for its Junior Web Product Manager (M / F)

Come join us for an internship at FrenchWeb!


1) Management of the FrenchWeb Job-board

2) Project management for advertisers In collaboration with the Brand Content and Lead Generation manager, your mission is to set up the advertisers’ communication systems (White papers, webinars, etc.), to monitor the systems in progress and ” ensure reporting.

3) Management of the FrenchWeb event agenda In collaboration with the event partnership manager, you are in charge of the FrenchWeb agenda