Apple partners with IBM to boost products in businesses

by bold-lichterman

Apple products are widely used by individuals, but are not winning enough in businesses, at least according to Apple itself. And the firm at the apple wants that to change. To reach more professionals, Apple and IBM have announced that they are joining forces to strengthen themselves with companies.

Together, the two IT giants plan to launch a hundred iPhone and iPad applications specifically dedicated to companies according to their activity or to optimize IBM’s cloud services for iOS. Once integrated, IBM will be able to market already equipped iPhones and iPads to its customers. IBM will therefore have the mission of “professionalizing” Apple products.

It must be said that Apple has chosen a major player. Big Blue indeed sold its consumer PC division to the Chinese Lenovo in 2005 to focus on B2B where it has become essential. “For the first time, we are making IBM’s data analysis solutions available to iOS users, which opens up a great market opportunity for Apple,” said Tim Cook, President of Apple.