Apple largely dominates in the United States with 41.8% market share in smartphones

by bold-lichterman

But Apple lags behind Google in the operating systems market

SMARTPHONES MARKET – Apple’s predominance in its domestic market is still relevant according to the latest figures published by comScore, which recorded a market share of 41.8% in December, more than the 40.6% observed in September with 30,000 mobile subscribers from whom the institute collects data.

With such a result, the firm at the apple is therefore placed in front of Samsung (26.1%), the other market champion. Far behind came Motorola (6.7%), almost tied with LG (6.6%), then HTC (5.7%).

MOBILE OS MARKET – Google, however, is a leader in the operating systems market with an Android which crystallizes 51.5% of the market, down slightly, against 41.8% for iOS. As a reminder, the firm Strategy Analytics recently estimated at 79% the global market share of Android in the world. [lire notre article sur le sujet].