Apple is reassuring and promises new innovations

by bold-lichterman

As part of a conference organized by the specialized blog All Things Digital, Tim Cook wanted to give a boost to the image of Apple, which is tending to lose its connotation as an innovative company.

He therefore endeavored to emphasize the avant-garde nature of the brand and to highlight its key role in the boom in the smartphone and tablet markets thanks to its flagship products: the iPhone and the iPad.

The general manager of the Apple brand thus clarified that the Cupertino company “could still upset the market with its innovations and that the future of the digital world could lie in portable smart objects,” notes Reuters.

According to him, this is a mature market worth exploring. He focused in particular on the future of television and its user experience, without however specifying whether his company was currently working on such products.

Finally, Tim Cook did not fail to express his doubts about the future of Google Glass …

As a reminder, since September the Apple share has lost 44% and is currently around 440 dollars while Google’s share price recently skyrocketed above the $ 900 per share mark.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos