Apple is preparing to digitize organ donation

by bold-lichterman

Apple is continuing its efforts to transform the iPhone into a real medical support tool. In this sense, the Cupertino company has just announced a partnership with Donate Life America to stimulate organ donation. Apple will thus encourage owners of an iPhone to register on Health application to express their willingness to donate one or more organs. This option will be available upon the release of the iOS 10 update.

As soon as the user has completed the registration process, their data will be sent directly to the National Donate Life Registry to join the national list of organ donors. To emphasize the vital nature of this new measure, Apple recalls in a statement that more than 120,000 Americans are currently awaiting a transplant. “On average, a person waiting for an organ transplant dies every hour in the United States because the demand for transplants greatly exceeds the available supply of organs», Specifies David Fleming, CEO of Donate Life America. As a reminder, Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple who died in 2011, underwent a liver transplant in 2009.

A few seconds registration to “save up to 8 lives”

The implementation of this simplified registration procedure to become an organ donor marks a new turning point for the Health application developed by the Californian firm. Launched in 2014, it provides an overview of physical fitness for owners of an iPhone. “It’s a simple process that only takes seconds and could help save up to 8 lives», Specifies Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple, on the sidelines of this announcement.

At this time, the registration process to become an organ donor from the Health app will only be available to iPhone users in the United States. Previously, they will need to update iOS 10 on their device first.

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