Apple is now valued at over $ 700 billion, a record

by bold-lichterman

Tim Cook has much to celebrate. Apple saw its stock reach $ 122.02 (+ 1.9%) Tuesday night at the close of Nasdaq, which values ​​the company $ 710 billion. A still unprecedented course for an American company.

The firm is valued more than double that Microsoft for example. For comparison also, the second most valued company in the world is currently ExxonMobil, 384 billion dollars on Tuesday when the New York Stock Exchange closed.

This performance is part of a general optimistic context since the Nasdaq itself rose 1.3%, its best performance for three weeks. Other companies saw their stock prices jump – much more than Apple – like Micron (+ 10%), Qualcomm (+ 4.5%), Broadcom (+ 3%), Intel (+ 2.3%).

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