Apple iOS 4.2 available today for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

by bold-lichterman

iOS 4.2, Apple’s latest mobile operating system update, is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This version brings new features including AirPrint, AirPlay.

Some reasons to update your iPad:Apple iOS 42 available today for iPad iPhone and iPod

  • print your documents and photos directly from the iPad (AirPrint)
  • listen to music and / or watch your movies from Apple TV (AirPlay wireless technology)
  • launch several applications at the same time and switch between them
  • group your applications by thematic files
  • network with your friends and compare your scores
  • display your accounts in a single mailbox,
  • in Safari, you can find and highlight words and phrases more easily, even on large web pages
  • for businesses, enhanced security, new device management and improved integration.

More details on the Apple website: