Apple could launch subscription video game service

by bold-lichterman

Apple is reportedly in the process of creating a subscription-based streaming video game service, according to information revealed by the US site Cheddar. For the establishment of its service already nicknamed the “Netflix of video games”, the group would have started to discuss with50 billion per year by 2020

But the fact that Apple is considering further diversifying its services makes sense in a context of slowing sales for the “hardware” part. In early January, the company had also taken the lead by announcing that its turnover and iPhone sales had been worse than expected over the last three months of 2018 (first quarter of its staggered fiscal year). The official announcement of the results is expected on Tuesday.

On the services side, the Apple brand has already clearly displayed its objectives. The Cupertino company had declared its ambition to generate $ 50 billion in turnover per year exclusively through this branch. A goal that the company is getting closer to year after year. In 2017, it weighed 30 billion dollars and reached just over 37 billion dollars in