Apple, a keynote that lacks fresh air!

by bold-lichterman

Apple’s announcements during this keynote did not surprise the various observers of the Cupertino company. The objective is to consolidate its positions in an increasingly competitive market. That being said Apple has developed with the iPhone in 6 years a business of nearly 100 billion dollars, and in 4 years, 30 billion dollars concerning the iPad. A performance that no other actor has managed to match so far.

On the software side, the Mac OS operating system will now be distributed for free starting today. Some figures on iOS7 were presented, including the number of updates which reached 200 million downloads in less than a week. The iLife and iWork suites are also updated, and focused on document management through iCloud.

On the hardware side, Phil Schiller, Marketing Manager presented the new MacBook Pro, equipped with the new batteries. Already announced the new Mac Pro will be manufactured in the United States, and should be available at the end of the year. It will be marketed from $ 2,999.

Star of the presentation, the new version of the iPad, more powerful (A7 processor) thinner (7.50 mm), lighter (454 grams), and given a new name: the iPad Air. As for the iPad Mini, it will be equipped with retina screens… a presentation of 1h20 minutes without much interest.