Apple: 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads sold in the last quarter

by bold-lichterman

Forecasts for the next quarter disappoint observers

Apple has published its results for the first fiscal quarter of 2014, which refers to the months of October to December 2013, a record that leaves observers more or less mixed. The Cupertino company posted a turnover of 57.6 billion dollars – its record for a quarter – for a profit of 13.1 billion.

In terms of sales, 51 million iPhones have been sold, a level lower than what many analysts expected even if the firm specifies that this is its best quarter. IPad sales (26 million units) also reached their highest level, well above the 14.1 million last quarter. Finally, 4.8 million Macs were sold over the period. In-store sales reached $ 7 billion and those on iTunes 2.4 billion.

But beyond these figures, it is the forecasts of the Apple brand that disappoint investors. It expects sales of between $ 42 billion and $ 44 billion for a gross margin of between 37% and 38% for the next quarter.