Apple: $ 37.4 billion in revenue, 53% of revenue comes from iPhone

by bold-lichterman

Apple released its results for its third fiscal quarter:

  • turnover reached 37.4 billion dollars, up over one year (35.5 billion dollars last year over the same period);
  • profit stands at $ 7.7 billion, a figure above the results published a year earlier ($ 6.9 billion);
  • earnings per share, one of the references to Wall Street, is fixed at 1.28 dollars per share;
  • gross margin also improved to 39.4%, compared to 36.9% a year ago over the same period;
  • a dividend of $ 0.47 per share was decided by the board of directors.

Over the three months, the firm at the apple has passed 35.2 million iPhones – up 13% from the third quarter of 2013, representing 52.7% of revenues. Conversely, iPad sales are down 9% to 13.27 million units sold. Also note that Mac sales are up 18% to 4.41 million copies. The iTunes platform still holds the course with 4.48 billion dollars in revenue (+ 12%).

The results come as Apple prepares to release two new iPhone models. According to Wall Street Journal, the firm would have ordered from 70 to 80 million smartphones, in two different copies, from its subcontractors. In the end, for the next quarter, it is betting on a turnover of between 37 billion dollars and 40 billion dollars.