Appington wants to strengthen mobile user engagement through voice

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2011, the start-up Appington is aimed directly at developers of mobile games. Objective: to help them monetize their titles by strengthening the engagement of gaming enthusiasts.

The young growth starts from the very simple observation that smartphone screens are still relatively narrow and that players hate being interrupted by banners or various advertising videos. The idea is therefore to develop audio campaigns that make it possible not to disturb a player in his game.

In this context, Appington is developing a solution directly dedicated to developers so that they can integrate this type of device much more easily. According to the start-up, which intends to bring applications out of the “era of silent cinema”, this technique would double the income of developers.

The young startup has just finalized a first fundraising of 900,000 euros with Matthew Welty, Unity Ventures and Tandem Capital and intends to expand its field of action.

A free beta version of its solution should be available in the coming weeks.