AppGratis: Apple removes push notifications

by bold-lichterman

To get around this new punishment from Apple, the application intends to warn its users of new tips by sending newsletters.

New episode in Apple’s war against the application AppGratis. Ejected from the App Store for almost two weeks now, preventing the French start-up from gaining new users, the application had nevertheless remained accessible and active for mobile users who had already installed it on their iPhone.

However, since yesterday Apple has cut the push notification features that allowed users of the application to be kept informed of the latest deals available.

As a reminder, with the baseline “an ugly app but cool tips”, AppGratis is based on an extremely simple and now well-known concept: every day, a paid application is offered free of charge.

To deal with the brand’s new affront to the apple, Simon Dawlat, the co-founder of the start-up, now intends to warn fans of the application via a daily newsletter.

The young French shoot also explained that it wanted to develop a web app in HTML5.

Find here, the interview of Simon Dawlat and Fleur Pellerin at the microphone of FrenchWeb.