AppGratis: a strategy to make developers pay more?

by bold-lichterman

Business Insider recently published a document revealing how AppGratis would make developers pay certain sums based on the rank they want to propel their apps to in the App Store rankings.

Expelled from the App Store for ten days, the French start-up AppGratis recently launched an online petition where she invites Internet users to show their support by asking the Apple brand to return the application to the online store.

However, the good faith of the application could be somewhat damaged. Indeed, according to Business Insider, there is a mismatch between AppGratis’ official statements about how it promotes apps and how it actually attracts developers.

Indeed, according to a document obtained by Business Insider, AppGratis would provide developers with an estimate of the rank that an application could reach in the ranking of the App Store based on the amount they would be willing to pay.


For example, the document indicates that AppGratis estimates that it is necessary to pay 100,000 dollars for an application to have a chance to rise in the top 5 of the ranking of the American version of the App Store.

A table that would therefore contradict the recent statements of Simon Dawlat, CEO of AppGratis, made to Techcrunch. This explained, in fact, that the AppGratis application did not interfere in “the business” of the rankings of applications within the App Store. By adding that “their business” was to introduce new applications to users, to “build a community” in the long term.

Contacted by the editorial staff of Business Insider, Simon Dawlat would have simply compared the strategy of AppGratis to the purchase of mobile advertising, without elaborating further on the table in question.

Find here the interview of Fleur Pellerin and Simon Dawlat at the microphone of Frenchweb.