AOL buys personalization specialist Gravity for $ 90 million

by bold-lichterman

BRIEF – AOL has acquired the American startup Gravity for $ 90 million. Based in Santa Monica, California, it develops applications that personalize the content, advertising or not, of a website in order to improve the user experience and, potentially, generate more clicks and increase the length of visit. .

To achieve this, it relies on its Interest Graphs which analyzes a significant amount of data: browsing habits, Internet user preferences, behaviors… “The web is moving in the era of the personnel, and a personal web filter will reshape the way in which consumers obtain information and services . Gravity joins AOL to lead the transformation of personalization for AOL’s brands and partner platforms, ”said Tim Armstrong, president of the internet giant.

Founded in 2009, Gravity had already raised $ 10.6 million in October 2012. Among the two co-founders, one is a former of MySpace.