AntVoice, the French publisher with 50 million Facebook applications installed

by bold-lichterman

A year and a half ago, two young 25-year-old engineers launched their first application in parallel with their work at the time. ” Confessions among friends Will be installed more than 100,000 times in just a few weeks. This is followed by the application “the meaning of the first name”, used more than 700,000 times in just one week. AntVoice the French publisher with 50 million Facebook applications installedand ” the hit parade of your birth »With the bar of 2 M uses crossed in one week!

AntVoice was therefore born at the beginning of 2010 from a series of successes and today claims 50 M Facebook applications installed worldwide and more 3, 9 million monthly active users (MAU, source which makes it the leading French publisher of applications for the social network ahead of Kobojo (3.3 million) or Weka (1.7 million).

The greatest achievement ofAntVoice to date is “The Mood Weather Report”, the rainbow of morale in French, with its 15 million installations worldwide. Only 30% of users are French. We also owe the most recent company ‘Ithis pigeon is stupid “And some other achievements.

AntVoice is now often called “the French Zynga”. The voice of the ant is starting to make noise in the world of social gaming!

Interview with Alban Peltier, CEO of AntVoice.