Anona finances good deeds with advertising

by bold-lichterman

Anona was founded by two high school friends in November 2014, Frédéric Ollier and Morgan Nguyen. The website and the mobile application allow users to view advertisements to donate for free. For example, it is possible to finance the dreams of hospitalized children or the purchase of a sleeping bag for homeless people through this donation.

Since October 2016, the two founders have gone further. They now offer an Anona button to install on partner sites, such as the newspaper West France. As a result, ads gain more views, and therefore donations increase. This is what Frédéric Ollier, co-founder of Anona, explains to FrenchWeb.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

frederic-ollierFrédéric Ollier, co-founder of Anona: The Anona button of solidarity advertising allows you to support an association without spending money. It is a small green dot, placed on partner sites, which allows Internet users to click and then watch an advertisement lasting a few seconds to finance a donation. We want to use advertising to fund charitable and environmental causes. We meet the funding needs of associations and the needs of advertisers looking for new ways to communicate. And it’s a tool to allow the French to engage and consume advertising in a smoother and non-irritating way.

What’s your value proposition?

We have several value propositions for the different stakeholders:

– Internet users can support associations without paying any money.

– Associations benefit from a new source of income.

– Advertisers have at their disposal a tool to communicate in a more positive way, better accepted and with an audience who actually see the advertisement.

– Partner sites that can offer a positive service to their Internet users and a way to offer advertising in a more acceptable way.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our solution are French Internet users, of all ages. We are convinced that we all want to do a good deed, like planting trees or making the dream of hospitalized children come true. All you need is the right tool for it: fast, simple and cost-free. Thousands of people take 30 seconds of their time every day to view an advertisement and do a good deed, such as between two articles on Ouest-France, or in waiting situations such as transport, between two appointments. you or the evening comfortably installed on his sofa.



What is your development plan?

We always want to find more advertisers to fund more donations!

We collected 400,000 donations (15,000 €) in a few months from our site and our mobile application. It was an excellent test which confirmed to us that the French were looking for new advertising experiences. With our button placed on partner sites we are now reaching millions of people at once.

We are thinking, of course, of internationalization. But it will be in a while!

What are your challenges?

Promote the Anona service to Internet users. If millions of people watch an advertisement from time to time, it will be millions of euros that we can collect to fund associations.

Evangelize advertisers and media sites on this new advertising approach which meets a real need in a digital world where advertising is increasingly rejected.

For the financial side, we need to control our cash flow and raise funds in the coming months.

On the recruitment side, we are looking for a sales representative in Paris! If know someone who knows someone who is looking to make sense of their work, a little email to [email protected] can change her life… And Anona’s life!

Who are your competitors?

We are the first on the Anona button at the moment. We do, however, have a colleague on the mobile application in the United States and a colleague on the website in France. It’s a good thing to help us evangelize the market and raise more funds for associations.

Our distinction: our button placed on partner sites that allow us to reach millions of people!

Founders: Frédéric Ollier and Morgan Nguyen

Creation date : November 24, 2014, the Anona button was launched in October 2016.

Fundraising : any

Capital: 55,000 euros

Seat : Annecy

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