Angry Birds catapults on Facebook

by bold-lichterman

Andy Birds is now attacking the platform with 845M users. Indeed, since this morning, an application is available on Facebook and allows all members of the social network to catapult angry birds …

Launched in 2009 by Finnish Rovio, the game intends to pass the symbolic milestone of one billion followers. A goal that should be easily achieved given its huge popularity. Indeed, on mobile, the application has already recorded 700M downloads in 2011. In addition, the page Facebook of the game has more than 15M fans.

Announced from Jakarta, the launch of this Facebook application illustrates the multi-screen strategy adopted by the Finn. Indeed, Rovio’s goal is to make its game available on all devices. Angry Birds is thus present on many media and platforms: smartphones, tablets, computers, or even PlayStation 3 and Google +, and now Facebook!