[Android] Google, Box, Dropbox and Plizy announce new products

by bold-lichterman

Google, Box, Dropbox, Plizy… These four services announce new features or launches related to Android. The details.

Dropbox just updated its Android application which now allows users to automatically send their images to the cloud. Thanks to the application, any photo taken from a smartphone running Android is sent directly to a specific folder, called “Camera Upload”. As part of this update, DropBox is expanding the storage of its spaces, allocating an additional 3 GB for images.

Android Google Box Dropbox and Plizy announce new products

The online storage service Box also made an update of its Android application. On the menu: a complete overhaul of the interface, the integration of new features and compatibility with Ice Cream Sandwich. Among the new options available: the ability to install the application on the SD card, post comments on files, download multiple files at once and finally add collaborators to folders. As part of this update, Box is launching a commercial offer and allows mobile users to obtain 50 GB of free storage for life if they download the application within the next thirty days.

1606085646 921 Android Google Box Dropbox and Plizy announce new products

Google has launched a new version of Google Docs for Android. This new version integrates in particular a function already present and very appreciated on the desktop version, which allows users to see in real time the modifications made to a document by other contributors. The update also brings new possibilities when it comes to editing.

1606085646 830 Android Google Box Dropbox and Plizy announce new products

Plizy finally land on Android. The video curation application, initially launched on iPad, is located at the crossroads between Flipboard and Pandora and allows you to discover, share and view videos online. Personalized video content is primarily based on your Facebook and Twitter friends. And, the generation of content adapts and enriches as the application is used. All this thanks to a dedicated recommendation algorithm.

1606085646 594 Android Google Box Dropbox and Plizy announce new products