Amazon would prepare a smartphone with a 3D screen

by bold-lichterman

The firm would like to position itself in the video game sector according to the Wall Street Journal …

After e-commerce, audiovisual services and Kindle, Amazon could take a new step by launching into smartphones according to the Wall Street Journal which specifies that announcements in this direction could occur as early as June for an effective release in September.

The Seattle firm could thus position itself against Apple and Samsung, which largely dominate the global market, even if, until now, it has taken advantage of its hardware products – such as the Kindle tablet – mainly to sell services and content and do not leave the market to iTunes or Google Play alone, even if it means making less profit on the products themselves.

According to sources cited by the American daily, the device could be equipped with a screen allowing certain images to appear in 3 dimensions thanks to a retina screen which would not require the wearing of additional glasses. The newspaper specifies that this technology would allow the firm to position itself in particular in the video games sector and its TV box.