Amazon wants to analyze data from connected objects

by bold-lichterman

Amazon has just made a discreet acquisition. The Seattle firm has just bought 2lemetry. First appeared in the American press, the information was confirmed at TechCrunch, but the amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

The American start-up publishes a platform capable of storing and processing a large amount of data emitted by connected objects in order to analyze them. The solution is also capable of handling communications between different devices and is universal, that is, compatible with all brands, the company explains on its website. The system is marketed as a service, with a monthly subscription.

Founded in 2011 in Denver, Colorado, 2lemetry has worked in partnership with large groups including Verizon and AT&T for connectivity and networks, or SalesForce and IBM for their cloud platforms. The start-up had already raised $ 4 million from Salesforce Ventures in January.