Amazon ready to “pay” developers to boost applications on its Fire Phone

by bold-lichterman

After releasing with great fanfare his new smartphone, the Fire Phone, [lire notre article : Fire Phone d’Amazon : un smartphone pensé pour l’e-commerce, ndlr] Amazon wants to boost the number of applications available – it currently has 240,000 – to catch up with the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For this, he announces that he is ready to pay up to $ 5,000 – including $ 500 for the use of his Amazon Web Service cloud service – in the form of Amazon Coins (his virtual currency available to make purchases on his sites and platforms, editor’s note) for each new application developed, within the limit of three applications per developer, explains the company in a post from blog.

The Seattle firm thus obtains a budget of $ 500,000. However, only certain applications can benefit from such support: these must be paid for, or include purchases in-app. A few years ago, Microsoft also carried out a similar operation to boost the development of applications on Windows Phone.