Amazon propels its App Store in France

by bold-lichterman

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom… The American e-commerce specialist has opened today its online application store in 5 countries in Europe, almost a year and a half after the United States.

Amazon announced this Thursday, August 30, the launch of its new App Store, called App Shop. Available since March 2011 in the United States, the App Store offers a catalog of applications running on Android smartphones and tablets.

Amazon propels its App Store in France
In order to differentiate itself from its competitor Google Play, Amazon offers a temporarily free application every day. Today, mobile users will, for example, be able to download the famous application of the Angry Birds games for free. The app store integrates features like personalized recommendation and one-click payment.

In the launch press release, Jim Adkins, vice-president of the App Shop, specifies that across the Atlantic, the platform is a real success. Millions of apps have reportedly already been downloaded. However, no precise figure has been communicated. For its part, the Mountain firm claims more than 15 billion downloads worldwide.